The Perks of the Volkswagen College Grad Program

College Graduates
The transition from years and years of schooling to the ‘”real world” can be an anxiety-induced and overwhelming time for many graduates. With so many things to focus on like living situations and finding a job, the last thing that University of Winnipeg grads need is for their vehicle to not be able to do its job. Volkswagen understands the struggles you’re facing as you make this transition, which is why they’ve implemented the College Grad Program to make things easier for you.

Celebrating You

2016 VW Beetle nightThe celebration of your achievements throughout college shouldn’t end after graduation. Volkswagen wants to make sure that your hard work and tireless effort doesn’t go unnoticed and want’s to provide you with one last parting gift. With the College Grad Program, Volkswagen dealerships are making it possible and simple for recent and upcoming graduates to drive into the next phase of their lives with the style and grace provided by driving a new Volkswagen vehicle. Keep reading to see how you can continue to reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication throughout college with Volkswagen.

College Grad Program Breakdown

The Volkswagen College Grad Program is designed especially for graduating or recent college and university graduates as a way to help you buy or lease a brand new VW. The program uses simple requirements and a simple approval process to give grads the chance to lease or purchase a vehicle all on their own. Now you may be wondering how Volkswagen is planning to simplify the car buying or leasing process and how it will benefit college graduates specifically. By providing a handful of perks to participants Volkswagen makes things easier than ever before. If you qualify for the program, Volkswagen will vow to make your first car payment of up to $800, which will save you money that you’ll definitely need as you transition out of college. The program also provides lessees with the benefit of not having to pay a security deposit, giving you another great way to save money. The College Grad Program doesn’t require interested grads to have a cosigner or even a credit history, though it does require that your credit history be in good standing if you do have it. The combination of all of these perks are meant to do more than just provide recent graduates with a new vehicle. By providing qualified participants with the ability to purchase or lease a new vehicle completely on your own, Volkswagen is seeking to help graduates get on their feet and instill a sense of pride and independence into them as well. With such easy to meet requirements, the program is able to accomplish this goal with ease.

How to Qualify

2016 VW Jetta InteriorQualifying for the Volkswagen College Grad Program is just as easy as participating in the program is. To be able to gain access to competitive rates, a free first car payment, and much more applicants just have to be able to fit a certain set of eligibility requirements and be able to provide a couple of documents upon application. The first requirement is quite simple; you simply need to have graduated in the past 24 months or are set to graduate in the next six months. You will also need to be able to prove this by simply bringing a copy of your transcript and the university’s contact information. This flexibility allows soon-to-be grads to start preparing for post-grad life early and gives recent graduates an extra two years to get settled before deciding they’re ready to purchase or lease a new vehicle. Next, you must hold a full-time job or have a written commitment from an employer and have the ability to provide proof of employment along with a name and phone number for a Human Resources or Payroll contact. This is similar to the way that landlords will check that you’re able to make rent, but instead you’re purchasing a car. The last thing that you need in order to qualify for the program is two personal references and at least one of them must be a relative. After meeting all of these requirements, you just have to sit back and wait to find out if you’re approved by Volkswagen Credit and then you can move on to finding and driving off of the lot with your new vehicle.

Leave College in Style with Volkswagen

Get started on applying for the College Grad Program and finding a vehicle of your own by visiting Knight Auto Haus VW at 660 Pembina Highway in Winnipeg or contacting us by phone at 204-284-7520 to learn about our available inventory and to schedule your test drive today.